Starting an Online casino can be daunting task, requiring significant investment in time, money, and resources. Bad Hombre Gaming's Manager Services can take the pressure off building an online casino. Our experienced team can assist with website design, player acquisition, and regulatory compliance.

Let us handle the technical and operational aspects while you focus on growing your business and providing an exceptional gaming experience to your players.

24/7 Customer Support

Your players will receive 24/7 Customer Support via live chat and emails.

Save yourself the hassle of building your own customer service team. Bad Hombre Gaming will take care of it and strive to deliver outstanding  player satisfaction.

Casino Management

Optimization of content is key in making your casino stand out!

Led by industry experts, our team will manage your site, analyze the performance and structure the game offering.

Payments Operations

We offer 24/7 transaction monitoring, a proven process for withdrawal automation, and a thorough check of the remaining cashout requests.

No need to worry about the safety of your funds and the balances of your player base. They are well looked-after.

Sportsbook Management

We offer a complete gaming experience to your players. Whether it’s casino or sports they prefer, they will be guaranteed an unique experience.

Rest assured that the right events will be promoted based on your players’ preferences.

Fraud & Security Operations

The effort our team puts in both prevention and detection of any type of fraudulent activity is unmatched!

Be it KYC related, suspicious gameplay, bonus abuse, or any breach of the terms and conditions, we warrant a 24/7 full security.

VIP Player Management

We will make sure that your most important players will receive the attention they deserve!

Our team of professionals goes the extra mile to enhance the loyalty of your high rollers and ensure they enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest!

Graphic Design

A catchy banner, an enticing game thumbnail, or a creative idea can have a significant impact on your business.

Our art aficionados put their imagination to work for you and design the way to an exceptional level of player engagement.

CRM Operations

Retaining your players always requires an immense effort. What we deliver is a remarkable level of customer relationships through automated journeys and personalized offers.

Every player will be engaged in the right way at the right time.